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Maven Glassfish Plugin

The Maven Glassfish Plugin is a Maven2 plugin allowing management of Glassfish domains and component deployments from within the Maven build lifecycle. It encapsulates domain configuration and deployment attributes within the build configuration for a more rapid development integration loop and simplified management of continuous integration testing of components destined for deployment within the Glassfish V2 and later JavaEE containers.

Goals Overview

  • glassfish:create-domain Create a new Glassfish domain. (Creating an existing domain will cause it to be deleted and recreated.)
  • glassfish:start-domain Start an existing Glassfish domain. (Starting a non-existent domain will cause it to be created.)
  • glassfish:deploy Deploy JavaEE artifacts to a running domain. (Deploying to an inactive domain will cause it to be started and created if necessary.)
  • glassfish:redeploy Redeploy JavaEE artifacts to a running domain. (Cold redeployment by first calling undeploy and then deploy . Use deploy to effect a hot deployment.)
  • glassfish:undeploy Undeploy JavaEE components from a running domain.
  • glassfish:stop-domain Stop a running Glassfish domain.
  • glassfish:delete-domain Delete an existing Glassfish domain.


Instructions on how to use the Maven Glassfish Plugin can be found here . Intelligent IDEs, such as Intellij IDEA 8 also provide Maven plugin configuration autocompletion.


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